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How Narcissists Run in Packs - part 5 When the mask cracks

Written together with my Kalyan Mitras Simran, Tara and Jeeya

Eventually when you spend enough time around a narcissist and pay attention, it becomes impossible for them to hide who they are. As most of us were sleeping and tend to run away from conflict rather than speak up, we failed to spot the many red flags and it took us a long time to see through the games that Joy Kuo and Iphigenie Amoutzias were playing. It is in hindsight and only by the Grace of Sree Maa that we can recognize the full extent of their behaviour and can put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Sree Maa’s Compassion and Kindness knows no bounds. Sree Maa is a highly evolved, enlightened Being who allows people be who they are and then show them why they need to transform, and ultimately why they need to let go of their dark self. While we were in a deep unconscious slumber, Sree Maa was taking all the narcissistic ‘bullets’ on herself so that the rest of the FiTs would not be impacted. Such is the Grace of Sree Maa who not only protected us but also enlightened us to recognise how we unwittingly invited these narcissists into our space and liberated us from wearing blinkers.

Truth prevails

 As Nandini had expressed her wish to get over her afflictions during the 2016 Taupo Retreat and Jeeya too wanted to transform, Sree Maa patiently worked with them in a safe, open and transparent manner through voice dialoguing and enlightening Discourses that were of benefit to all FiTs. It taught us a lot about spiritual bypassing and how to overcome the small/false/dark self and move into our Brahmroop. Joy and Iphigenie never put this knowledge into practise and never said a word they were having similar narcissistic shades in them. Though they tried to hide and remain under the radar, in the course of 2017 the Truth started to come out.
During the 2017 India Pilgrimage, Tara had experienced the true shades of Joy and Iphigenie. Joy went so far as to physically bully Tara which was shocking because Irene/Joy always portrayed herself as soft and gentle. She had asked Tara to help with voice recording. One incident, they were at the back of the group of FITs and Joy told Tara to go to the front to do the recording and then unexpectedly shoved Tara sideways that she almost lost her balance. Tara then told Joy not to push her but she gave her a blank look and said “It was not a push.” instead of offering a simple apology. Again, narcissists never think they are ever in the wrong and would gaslight you to think that nothing happened. In another incident, Joy out of the blue suddenly grabbed Tara’s wrist while she was holding the voice recorder and handled her roughly until it hurt her while bossing her to “do it properly”.

A Narcissist´s Prayer

Iphigenie was behaving very passive-aggressively with Tara throughout the pilgrimage. And Tara had brought this to light to Joy and had regretted it because later Iphigenie approached Tara to instigate a verbal attack on her when they were alone.

Needless to say, Tara was very shaken by the experience she had with both of them on the trip and she wasn’t the only one who had experienced intimidation and nasty behaviour at their hands during the trip. Tara was further made to keep quiet as they both worked together to continue to put her down in the Whatsapp chat groups creating a bad image of her to the other FITs.


Sree Maa had suspended all events and workshops since end of 2016 due to everything going on and stepped down as the Teacher of the FiT Programme 18 March 2017. This did not deter Joy to want to continue with all her activities, running meditation circles and Abundance circles online without approval. She even went to the extent of hosting a fake AwaKeNiN TrANsForMaTioN workshop.

Iphigenie had no qualms to help move another FiT into the Ashram (her accomplice) while Sree Maa and Shri Ji were travelling in April 2017, again no permission taken.

Irene/Joy tried hard to deflect the spotlight from herself after Iphigenie was voted out by the other FiTs in May 2017, making a big deal about a Bhakti Bhaav brochure Simran and Jwala had printed and an advertisement they took out. She ‘conveniently’ forgot to mention how she framed Simran and Jwala into this and also that she was doing much worse behind everyone’s back. The rest of the FiT had no clue what had happened or what had even gone on in the dynamics of the FiTs in Sydney so a call was organised to clarify matters. Joy (then called Komal) completely hijacked this call to shift the blame on Simran and also put Jwala in a bad light.


On that call she was using all the Narc’s tricks in the book of taking over the conversation, playing the victim and telling lies, completely manipulating the situation and using the rest of the core team members as flying monkeys. Irene would constantly give half truths and complete lies to pull wool over the other core team members eyes, so she could control the situation.
Joy Awakening came to the Ashram House in June 2017, believing herself to be a great sevak and devotee who would show the other FiTs in the Ashram House how to offer seva. She would also lead the organisation of the Reunion Retreat, a gathering organised by the FiT for the FiT to come together and honestly look at what each one had contributed to the failure of the FiT Programme. Initially Joy wanted to have the Reunion at her place, the ideal place for her to have control, but some of the FiTs were not comfortable with that idea. Sree Maa had kindly offered the basement area of the Ashram House as a place where the Reunion could be held and also said children were welcome to come.

Here Joy played another dirty game. She didn’t want Jwala to show up at the Reunion as she knew Jwala had started to see through her games and could expose her. She also knew that if Jwala wasn’t able to bring her daughter, she wouldn’t come to the Reunion. So she painted a picture to the other FiTs that the schedule of the Reunion would be really busy and it could get quite intense, so that the mothers would conclude it is best not to bring the children. She actually confided in Jeeya this was her intention before getting on call with other FiTs regarding the Reunion. She also blatantly lied to one of them that what Sree Maa actually meant was not to bring the children. 

None of the FiT ended up bringing their children and Jwala ended up not coming to the Reunion Retreat and left the FiT Programme.

During the Reunion Irene behaved like a bully and was not participating like the rest of the FiT. She did not want to fill out the questionnaires made by the FiTs for the purpose of honest reflection, and in conversations kept pushing the blame on others and pointing fingers at Clarito/Hanuman. Prior to the Reunion, all FiTs in Sydney were asked to reflect and without any judgement write down their observations of the team. If you read what Irene/Joy wrote down, you can see that it is far from a neutral observation and more a litany of finger pointing to others. 

It was shortly after the Reunion that Joy’s true face became crystal clear to everyone. And it was thanks to Sree Maa's intuitive move to cut off Irene/Joy's access to Sree Maa and Kosmic Fusion resources that things came out in the open. Hanuman went no contact with her and Simran also was offered no contact under the guise of 'quarantine' to keep her safe from Joy who wanted her out. Joy made some admittance about her dubious intentions, as she was hoping to get access to Hanuman again, but mostly continued to hide. She was given many chances to be honest and admit to what she had done so she could move beyond it but continued to play games till the end. In September 2017 she was lovingly asked to leave.

Narcissists present themselves as the victim

Narcissists can’t stand their true face being uncovered and Joy and Iphigenie ganged up and instigated a smear campaign where they organised a paid article filled with lies to slander and malign Sree Maa and Shri Ji and Kosmic Fusion out of revenge. They actively recruited one of the volunteers who had left in 2015 to collude with them. They also approached another ex-FiT, Renu, but she would not support them at all, knowing the truth of what happened.  Irene/Joy is still continuing her fake victim story and trying to harm the name of Kosmic Fusion and Sree Maa and Shri Ji in her new youtube channel "Awakening with Joy" and Facebook group she set up. There she is balantly plagiarizing the work of Sree Maa Shri Ji which you can see in the post below.

Below you can see Joy's Youtube channel where she claims to be an energy healer and spiritual consultant with 10 years of experience and were she is still playing the victim and using Dimash to trap innocent people. Where are the certificates and proofs of her 10 years of experience? Interesting to note that in 2013 (i.e. 5 years ago) she herself said in a video testimonial about the AwaKeNiN TrANsForMaTioN workshop that she is so happy she has now become an instant healer...

  Red flags of psychopaths  Red flag of psychopaths

When Iphigenie was being questioned in May 2017 by the other FiT for why she was labelling Kosmic Fusion to Pulsars/new FITs/volunteers, see how quickly Joy stood by Kosmic Fusion to defend her own self and being very cold to Iphigenie. Weren’t they were like best friends before? 

Around that same time, Joy sent the following scathing email to Iphigenie in response to her facebook post.

But oh look, now that Joy was also asked to leave, is it surprising that they gang up together to create a smear campaign? Amoutzias of course isn’t angry at Joy for betraying her before because Amoutzias needs someone driven like Joy and use her to do all the smear campaigning while playing the victim and quiet one. They are merely being a shill for each other to make their smear campaign more believable.

Narcissists hunt in packs

It is sad to see how Iphigenie and Joy who were graced with such an amazing opportunity to change having been taken under the Gracious Wings of beloved Sree Maa Shri Ji, chose to hold on to the blanket of the small self and cut the branch they were sitting on.  

In conclusion, we like to share this excerpt from another article that we felt was very relevant and described quite well what we have seen and experienced:

Spiritually they are closed.

They have parasitic convergences whereby they momentarily infect another person like a buzzing bee in the wrong hive. Eventually, the victim is preserved by, what in Hinduism is referred to as the forces of Vishnu, and the narcissistic charade is destroyed by Shiva. The narcissist is so closed-minded & proudly arrogant, however, that they walk away demonizing their victim as a natural defense surrounding the closed-mind. Read full article.

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