Thursday, 18 October 2018

How Narcissists Run in Packs - part 4 Use and Abuse

Written together with my Kalyan Mitras Tara, Simran and Jeeya

The teachings in the FiT Programme were based on Sanatana Dharma principles from day one. Sree Maa gave us the freedom to keep our own moral compass as Sree Maa believes in Sanatana Dharma and had already told us that Sanatana means eternal and Dharma is the moral compass inside each person. Dharma means conscience inside is working and one is able to do the righteous things. It turned out that some of the FiTs had absolutely no moral compass and just used and abused Kosmic Fusion resources and Sree Maa’s Kindness and Compassion for their own agendas. This completely fits the characteristics of a narcissist as they lack empathy and conscience.

Irene/Joy used and abused intellectual property and Kosmic Fusion Resources however she saw fit. She approached Nick, one of the Pulsars, to do some of her renovation work at her home for free, only giving him board and lodgings. But when Nick needed some medical attention, she immediately wanted to get rid of him. She was very much focussed on what she could get out of the situation rather than have true empathy for Nicks plight and what he was going through. 

Irene/Joy also knew that Mala was travelling to inner and outer Sydney to support her and Clarito/Hanuman with events and would rather have Hanuman give her a lift than to give Mala a lift home. With all due respect to Mala, Mala is the eldest in our FiT Program and should have been treated as such. Again she put her own needs first and showed no empathy for others.

If Irene/Joy wanted to do an expo, she would say Clarito wanted to do it. When the others said no, she would say Clarito is really pushing, he really wants to do it otherwise he would get really upset. In addition to using Claritos name to mask her own ambition, Irene/Joy was constantly asking Simran and other volunteers in Sydney to fund events which were driven by her to keep up the appearance of being very successful, under the guise of doing it "for Kosmic Fusion". She became obsessed with building a database which she used for her own personal side business, all at the expense of the volunteers and Sree Maa  and Shri Ji.

Irene/Joy hatched a plan with Clarito who was now under her control and used as a flying monkey,  to extract money from Simran. Without consulting with the other FiTs she called a conference call and asked Simran to “backpay” Kosmic Fusion Australia for the past events that Simran had volunteered at. Using her name and shame tactics she put Simran on the spot and wrote the following message.


The fact of the matter was that she had racked up company expenses to fund her own business and this was a roundabout way of retrieving those funds, again using and abusing the volunteers for her own benefit. In addition, she would give a very distorted picture to the other FiTs outside of Australia that only her and Hanuman were contributing and none of the other FiTs in Sydney, but the truth was completely different. 

Something very similar was happening in New Zealand where Dallia/Iphigenie was using others left right and centre to fulfill her agenda.

Dallia/Iphigenie was planning to put her fangs into the Ashram house after seeing how big the Ashram house was, Dallia/Iphigenie strategically made her moves to engage Jeeya as her flying monkey. First Dallia/Iphigenie played Jeeya into believing how much she would like to be part of the Ashram house project by making sure that Jeeya was there to “witness”  how she was selling off her belly dancing items to show off how unattached she is to her possessions. Dallia/Iphigenie also told Jeeya that she was closing down her belly dance business for the Ashram House project, when the truth is her belly dance business was not making money and Dallia/Iphigenie did not have a choice but to close it down because it was not commercially viable.

Dallia/Iphigenie even played the devotee card with Jeeya by asking Jeeya to join her in getting a small mandir, frames, pooja items for Bhagwan Swaminarayan so that she will not be disrespectful.
Dallia/Iphigenie was constantly “sharing” with Jeeya how much she wanted to be in the Ashram House and kept asking Jeeya for “advice” how she can better improved herself, giving Jeeya the false impression that she was really keen on changing. Dallia/Iphigenie did not tell her about the message that she received personally  from Sree Maa telling her that she was not ready for the Ashram House, Jeeya having  her own personal agenda of wanting to leave for Singapore invited Dallia/Iphigenie into the Ashram House, lying in front of Sree Maa how devoted Dallia/Iphigenie was and encouraging her to come to the Ashram house.

Irene/Joy wasn’t the only one using the other FiTs to get money. Dallia/Iphigenie was making use of her stay in the Ashram House to trick Renu and Orja to give her a loan.  Dallia/Iphigenie was hiding the fact that she used Sree Maa Shri Ji’s name as an excuse to get the loans but was using the money to pay off her personal bills.

While Dallia/Iphigenie was acting as if she was important on the whatsapp groups towards the overseas FiTs being in the Ashram House, she was really causing a lot of harassment to everyone in the Ashram, most of all Sree Maa and Shri Ji. She never mentioned to anyone she had not been invited into the Ashram House, but forced herself into there uninvited.
In fact, the Ashram House had become more like a narcissist war zone where all the FiTs living in the Ashram House were in there for their personal gains, fighting amongst themselves, abusing and taking advantage of Sree Maa Shri Ji’s kindness and compassion. The true goal of the Ashram project had been completely lost sight of. 

Dallia/Iphigenie was behaving like she owns the Ashram House when Sree Maa and Shri Ji were not around, she went into Sree Maa and Shri Ji’s room and violated Sree Maa’s personal space by going through Sree Maa’s personal possessions. Dallia/Iphigenie would spread herself across Sree Maa and Shri Ji’s couch and even purposefully pointed her feet towards Shreeji Maharaj’s portrait which is considered very disrespectful. Dallia/Iphigenie was also making Jeeya handle all the laundry and ironing, Nandini all the housekeeping while she was lying down on the couch watching her German movies.

Jeeya and Nandini were humiliated by Dallia/Iphigenie with her constant correction of what they were doing or saying. Dallia/Iphigenie made sure that she was in control and making Jeeya and Nandini slave for her in a very subtle way. Dallia/Iphigenie did not even allow Jeeya and Nandini to use the kitchen when she was around, she constantly ridiculed Jeeya, finding faults of what Jeeya has done for the pantry with words like “why would you want to arrange it this way?” “ why are you not using containers to keep this?”.

The FiTs in the Ashram painted a false picture of the life in the Ashram, making it sound like it was very difficult, but the truth was the opposite. Sree Maa would often cook for them and even spend time how to prepare Indian dishes. Sree Maa literally gave of herself 24/7 to help the ones with narcissism to move beyond their afflictions.

The world advises a no contact rule for narcissists, but Sree Maa, being the epitome of Grace and Compassion, welcome everyone with open arms as Sree Maa only sees the Divine spark within everyone. While Nandini and Jeeya welcomed the Grace and were making a sincere effort to change, Iphigenie only kept misusing Sree Maa’s Kindness and was dead set on her mission to sabotage and destroy Kosmic Fusion.

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