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How Narcissists Run in Packs - part 2 Narc tactics

Written together with my Kalyan Mitras Jeeya, Tara and Simran

Narcissists hunt in packs and when a couple of narcissists joined our group, they exploited our most compassionate Teacher mercilessly and created a lot of havoc. One average narcissist can affect up to 30-40 people in their lifetime, so it actually a miracle we are still standing and doing fine, having had to deal with 5 narcissists (out of which 2 very malignant ones) in our group of 18.

It is only by the Grace of Sree Maa and the all-powerful, most benevolent Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse that we are still fine and by the precious Teachings of our beloved Sadguru that we have been able to reflect and come to see things clearly. We feel strongly about sharing the Truth of what happened, as Irene/Joy Awakening and Iphigenie Amoutzias are spreading lies on the internet about Kosmic Fusion and our beloved Teacher, still trying to fulfill their vicious aim of sabotaging the philanthropic mission of Kosmic Fusion. We also hope this may give insight to other genuine seekers as we suspect that more people with NPD will be roaming around spiritual circles.

How to spot a narcissist

Narc Tactics

While Irene/Joy Awakening was causing discord in the Sydney team, Dallia/Iphigenie was meddling with the team she had been graced with by Sree Maa in New Zealand after she kept asking for one. As the representative of Kosmic Fusion in New Zealand, Iphigenie was liaising with the Pulsars and was suggesting it was a cult to some of the attendees at the Kosmic Tribe. She was also organising Meet-up meditations were she was talking more nonsense, spreading seeds of doubt and on top of it using it to pick up men.

She was creating havoc within the team of volunteers/FiTs. Initially she was hanging out with Sarah but when Sarah didn’t give her what she wanted, she moved onto Renu who would do write-ups and help with the organising. She purposely caused problems between them to drive them apart. Narcissists work in a very sly and covert fashion so that it is hard to pinpoint at the time what is happening. Gaslighting, triangulations, flying monkeys, psychic warfare; the narcissist has got a whole arsenal to cause discord and confusion. It is only in hindsight that you can put the pieces of the puzzle together. And Dallia/Iphigenie and Irene/Joy were a pro at it.

Narcissist tactics

2014 was a year of practical training where through assisting in the organising of online workshops and events, we could practise being the non-doer. But not all were sincere in their practise… Dallia/Iphigenie and Irene/Joy were not only trying to control what was happening in the area where they lived, but also the FiT Programme as a whole. Iphigenie was squeezing out the other volunteers in the on-line events, by always putting herself forward as the facilitator with no regards for others. She was using the top dog strategy to do this.

Irene/Joy too used the top dog strategy, always trying to trump others in subtle and not so subtle ways. End of 2014 we were asked to do a beautiful exercise of tuning in with the QVSWPP for 2 times a day for 21 days and then reflect and share how we experience our relationship with Sree Maa Shri Ji, QVSWPP and other FiTs. Simran wrote a beautiful, honest letter that shows true deep reflections. Irene purposely replied to this (not sending her own letter) to top Simran off with a letter that we feel is more like a boast than a genuine reflection.
Looking back the lead was being taken by Dallia/Iphigenie and Irene/Joy who were working together to take over control. Irene would report others mistakes to Dallia and vice versa and also try to fill Sree Maa Shri Ji’s ears.

25/08/14, 19:49 - Komal Irene Kuo: So the second day we make it clear no talking inside the temple. .and Jabeen was another headache
25/08/14, 19:49 - Komal Irene Kuo: She was also in the stand but she tried to step in and keeps talking which is not helping
25/08/14, 19:50 - Meera: Of course no talking. Did the psychic talk?
Jabeen Jabeen....
25/08/14, 19:50 - Komal Irene Kuo: She also spent lots of time inside the temple to receive the energy
25/08/14, 19:50 - Meera: Haha, it's all about her
25/08/14, 19:51 - Komal Irene Kuo: Sharing some post with you
25/08/14, 19:51 - Komal Irene Kuo: Maa, something clicked to me while I was sleeping this morning, as Jabeen mentioned she is doing work placement receiving phone calls and giving  consultation for suicidal cases recently, not sure if this would affect her and also the stand energetically; as I noticed she tends to spend more time inside the temple and receiving the energy transmission, and she followed Clarito going inside the temple nearly each time he went in, which I feel strange, Clarito also mentioned he never felt so heavy in the stand before like these two days.  I don't know if  there are any connections between these incidences, would like to bring my observations for your attention and would like to have your feedback on this, also your guidance on what to do if we have similar situation in the future events
25/08/14, 19:52 - Meera: Wow. Very good.
25/08/14, 19:52 - Meera: What did Maa say?
25/08/14, 19:53 - Meera: Must have been rather heavy. Jabeen still has so much ego too work through.  ..

Tara has also personally witnessed how Irene/Joy confides in Dallia/Iphigenie when she needed to vent her anger towards Clarito. It was after the 2015 Kawai Pura Pura, New Zealand retreat where she and Clarito had an argument about Clarito wanting to move out of Sydney to go work in Auckland to be physically closer to Sree Maa and Shri Ji. She had raised her voice at Clarito across the dinner table to make him feel guilty by saying “FINE! You go to New Zealand and I will handle Sydney all by myself! How’s that?” After dinner, she was pacing up and down with rage in the hotel room that Tara and Irene/Joy were sharing that night because Irene/Joy was so fearful and upset about losing her biggest supply and flying monkey to Sree Maa and Shri Ji. When Tara did not want to engage in her drama, that is when Irene/Joy called Iphigenie to the hotel room to rant and complain as they normally would about others behind their backs (in this case, Clarito’s).

When you read through their whatsapp conversation it is a constant judging and bad mouthing others with a sense of grandiosity that is typical of narcissists. In this excerpt of Dallia/Iphigenie and Irene/Joy’s conversation you can see their sense of grandiosity and how they are even using their ‘dreams’ to gaslight others.

Narcissists project their behaviour onto you

It is interesting Irene/Joy and Dallia/Iphigenie are talking about the two faces of others, while they themselves turned out to be the biggest cheats and hypocrites on the FiT Programme. Throughout their whole conversation on whatsapp you can see the projection of what they were doing onto others.

In fact, both Joy and Iphigenie have been working very hard but very slyly to get others out of the FiT Programme so they could be the best and eventually reach their goal of taking over and destroying the mission of Kosmic Fusion. Irene/Joy tried everything she could to get Jabeen/Jwala and Simran out playing very twisted games, and she kept suggesting to Mala to move back to the UK. Irene/Joy would attack Jwala time and again or use Clarito as her flying monkey.
Conversations are verbal competitions for a narcissist

Twisting and blaming

Irene/Joy said that Simran was the one who was responsible for destroying the relationship with Deb - an event organiser. She used the following incident regarding lunch to frame Simran so that she could get rid of her, making a mountain out of a molehill. You can read the email conversation here.

After this email was sent, Irene/Joy accused Simran of destroying the relationship and putting Kosmic Fusions reputation on the line. Immediately after this occurred, she reported this to Jeeya, complaining about Simran. This was later brought up again by Irene/Joy in the 2017 reunion as a reason for asking Simran to leave the FiT training due to incompetence. Irene/Joy completely exaggerated the incident to a point where it was a “dismissable offence” in her eyes.

At events, it was clear that Irene/Joy was trying to control matters. Irene/Joy would constantly take photos of herself on the stand. Other volunteers would not necessarily like to be photographed but Irene/Joy wanted the volunteers to be photographed on the stand so that she could boast about how well things were going in Sydney, as she saw herself as the leader she thought it would impress Sree Maa and Shri Ji. She then duped Simran into posting the messages on whatsapp by saying that Sree Maa wanted to know what we were doing on the stand and what it looked like etc.  Irene/Joy then went on to tell Jeeya that Simran came to the stand to take photographs and check in so that Sree Maa thought that Simran was busy on the stand. It was clear that other volunteers ie Simran, Mala and Jwala did not like their photographs taken but felt pressured to do so to buy into the front of “oneness” that Irene/Joy was trying to create.

Gaslighting and mindgames by a narcissist

 Irene/Joy and Hanuman wanted to participate in an advert in the local press, but when Simran and Jwala declined, the situation was turned around to point fingers at Jwala and Simran by saying that we were not contributing to Kosmic Fusion so they signed up for the ad. By this time Irene/Joy and Hanuman had pulled out of doing the ad and Simran and Jwala were in a position where it was too late to pull out and had to go ahead with filling the advertising space. Irene/Joy then used it as evidence against Simran at the reunion. There are more examples of how Irene/Joy was twisting things around to point fingers at others and actually try to remove them from the FiT Programme.
Below is the feedback shared by Irene/Joy towards fellow volunteer Simran:

For the magazine advertisement for Northern Beaches Embrace Life event she and Jwala went ahead without consulting me and Hanuman, and then wanted to change to smaller size from 1/3 to 1/9 of the page after she and Jwala realised me and Hanuman not participating as we were not informed in the first place, the event organiser Deborah was not happy about the last minute change just before the due date as the magazine space been allocated, Deborah even wrote email asking me and Hanuman what’s happening, from her forwarded email we saw Simran told her because Kosmic Fusion is moving to new phase so not able to come up with bigger advertising space… this is how she slander Kosmic Fusion’s name and doing whatever she wants, if Deborah didn’t forward the email would have any clues of what’s happening. Same as Jwala in the advertisement she also put her consultation services before “Energy Healing with Bhakti Bhaav”.

Dallia/Iphigenie too was working hard towards her goal of destruction. After she became the face of Kosmic Fusion in New Zealand, Pulsars and FiTs started leaving. Now there is only 1 left, Nandini. 
The way she has used and abused one of the fellow FiTs, Renu is typical of narcissists and clearly shows the malignancy Dallia/Iphigenie was carrying inside. 

Narcissists see people as objects

Dallia/Iphigenie first played a friend to Renu, pretending to give a listening ear and support. This is how she won Renu’s trust. Renu was actively contributing with write-ups and organising Meetups, which came in handy to Dallia who tends to be lazy. Of course, while she was pretending to be her friend, she was gossiping about Renu to Irene/Joy behind her back. When Renu came back very ill from a trip to Europe mid 2015, she stayed with Dallia whom she thought was her friend to recover. Renu was actually very ill with encephalitis and required medical attention but Dallia/Iphigenie didn’t care. It was Sree Maa and Shri Ji who had to intervene and personally take Renu to the hospital. Dallia/Iphigenie later admitted that she didn’t care if Renu died. Zero empathy, zero conscience.

When Renu came too much to handle as she needed a lot of attention, Dallia/Iphigenie gave her the cold shoulder. This came to a pinnacle at the India trip and shocked Renu who didn’t understand why a friend would treat her that way. Narcissists see others as objects to use and abuse. Dallia/Iphigenie in fact wanted Renu out as she had seen her strength during the India Pilgrimage, where she encountered a lot of physical challenges.

Early 2017 Renu all of a sudden left the FiT Programme. Other FiTs were baffled and had no idea what happened and of course Dallia/Iphigenie kept her mouth shut. Well, she did write a shaming and blaming email to Renu as a reply to Renu’s genuine apology. The letter is actually a complete projection from Dallia/Iphigenie’s side. She made sure she copied all the rest of us in (but not Sree Maa and Shri Ji…) to desensitize us.

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