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How Narcissists Run in Packs - part 1

Written together with my Kalyan Mitras Simran, Jeeya and Tara

Only narcissists defend narcissists

During the FiT program we discovered that several narcissists were running wild, causing mass destruction wherever they went. As we have worked more deeply in hindsight reflecting on the various games that were played in the FiT program, we identified that there were several patterns that reoccurred time and time again, because we were wearing our blinkers we were unable to spot the cunning games that were being played at the expense of Sree Maa and Shri Ji and Kosmic Fusion.

When we reflect back the signs and red flags were there, we were given a blank canvas to paint a vivid picture of unity, trust and respect. At the beginning there were a few of us who approached Sree Maa to volunteer for Kosmic Fusion. Initially Sree Maa and Shri Ji were funding the exhibition stands around Australia and New Zealand and things were beginning to unfold very quickly. There was a lot of interest in the amazing Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse (QVSWPP) and curiosity was building. There was a very positive response from people when they were touched by the Grace of Sree Maa Shi Ji and Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse.

In 2012 and 2013 a small group of volunteers formed (including Nat, Nathan, Nick, Sheree Ekta and Simran) and were given a platform by Sree Maa. In Feb 2013 Irene/Komal/Joy Kuo (as she calls herself now) and Clarito also started to be involved and from this point we branched out into supporting Sree Maa Shri Ji to introduce the QVSWPP to other states.

At this time Nat, Ekta and Simran were helping to organise a festival in the Gold Coast in early 2013.  This is where Dallia/Meera/Iphigenie and Irene/Joy first met. Enter Narcissist no 2. Iphigenie wanted to know who was volunteering in Australia and wanted to suss things out. She befriended Irene/Joy to obtain inside information of how to get a big group of people in New Zealand.

During the Melbourne MBS festival that same year both Nat and Irene/Joy were attending and during the trip Nat and Irene/Joy had some conflict. One key point to note is that conflict did not arise until Irene/Joy appeared on the scene. On return from the Festival both Irene/Joy and Nat were not on speaking terms and Irene/Joy then told Liping that she was being bullied by Nat. Irene/Joy then played the victim to Liping and recruited Liping as a flying monkey. Irene/Joy was the one having problems with everyone but was always blaming the other party. Could it be possible that the one person who had problems with everyone, had nothing to look at within herself??

19/09/14, 20:03 - Meera: How are you feeling after last night's call?
19/09/14, 20:16 - Komal Irene Kuo: Most of the time people have issues with me 😅 Maa said it's competition... had some issues with Elliaa, Siann (even this year mbs Sydney the seminar meditation)  Sheree ...Nat used to have bad attitudes to me... they're okay now. .. but now a little bit with Jabeen. ... 😅 sounds like my problem but not really. ..... maybe they feel I'm threatening to them and react. ...and that affects me. .. but now they know where I'm coming from and know who is the one taking responsibility all the way through
 (Iphigenie was called Meera at that time)

The Narcissists blames you

Bully who plays the victim

Straight upon her entry, Irene/Joy had started to play with the Sydney team and caused splitting within the team often undermining Ekta and Simran by pointing out their flaws and even at one point falsely accused them of stealing money from the Tribe Meetings. Obviously, we did not spot this red flag because we were busily defending ourselves from the Narcissist.
Irene/Joy had already started to recruit Clarito as her flying monkey and he was slowly but surely being primed. She had other uses in mind for him, but the grooming of her Narcissist supply had started.

At this point Nick was assisting Sree Maa and Shri Ji with administration related to Kosmic Fusion.  Irene/Joy then set out to impress Nick. She began to take the lead in meetings, her method was to bulldoze others until they submit and let her take the lead. She also volunteered for all the tasks with no regard to other volunteers in the group. There was absolutely no time taken by Irene/Joy to understand her place in the group or when she stepped over others’ boundaries. Narcissists tend to not have any respect for others’ boundaries and are purely driven by their own agenda which is based on power and control over others.

Using her bulldozing and badmouthing method, Irene/Joy had taken over the hosting of the Kosmic Tribe together with Clarito. One time when Sree Maa and Shri Ji were visiting Sydney and gracing the Kosmic Tribe with their Presence, Irene/Joy actually put Sree Maa and Shri Ji on the side while she put the chairs for herself and Clarito in the centre of the gathering. Looking back, we can see how her true intentions were shining through already from the start…

Narcissists love to play the victim

It was at an expo in Newcastle mid 2013 where Irene/Joy started to groom Clarito fully and turned him against Simran and Ekta, playing the victim again and gaining his sympathy. Irene/Joy knows Clarito’s failing is to protect the weak, therefore she used him in a way that he witnesses situations where she plays the victim. She complained to him that nobody was supporting her and pretended that her English is not so good and asked Clarito to help her. Interesting to note she has an English degree for Chinese speakers and used to assess Chinese university students. She also doesn’t seem to have any problem speaking English on her current youtube channel. In any case, this trick of ‘my English is not so good’ she would pull out of her narcissist hat regularly.

Irene/Joy was constructing a facade of a docile and sincere, dedicated volunteer in front of Sree Maa and Shri Ji, but behaving very differently towards the volunteers and other FiTs. It is no surprise that people started leaving when Irene/Joy was the face of Kosmic Fusion in Australia. She pushed herself to be the leader, even though Sree Maa had always emphasized the importance of no hierarchy and no forming small groups.  Irene/Joy was not just behaving like a bully towards fellow FiTs but also towards Pulsars. In this small excerpt you can see how she was communicating in a harsh, uncaring tone to Camilla, who was not part of the FiT Programme but kindly offered to help out. Is this how you would talk to someone who was happy to give of their free time or to anyone for that matter?
Read Joy's conversation with Camilla with a harsh tone (then she was called Irene/Komal) 

Narcissists cannot do earnestness

In 2014 Irene/Joy set up Kosmic Fusion Australia with Clarito. She tricked Clarito into taking on the credit card for the company. She first convinced him they needed a credit card, and while they were both standing in the bank in front of the bank clerk, she would play the victim again. She told Clarito husband doesn’t really agree with her name being linked to the credit card, thereby putting him on the spot. Clarito being the protective gentlemen that he is, took the company credit card on his name.
Narcissists hunt in packs

Hunting in packs

Narcissists hunt in packs and you can see the same in this conversation between Dallia/Iphigenie and Irene/Joy, where Iphigenie is sending aggressive emails to Jabeen and to Sheree, who had been a most mature, dependable and dedicated volunteer. Both Jabeen and Sheree are very well-spoken and beautiful, so for Irene/Joy and Dallia/Iphigenie they were a threat. Narcissists are jealous by nature and want to be the best, so anyone perceived as better than them has to go. Irene/Joy is literally applauding the aggressive emails and they are gossiping about these two volunteers.

The Pulse of the FiT Programme was very different from what Irene/Joy Kuo and Dallia/Iphigenie were displaying. It was about honesty, integrity, authenticity and transparency, about working as one, introspection and self-reflection (not judging others, gossiping and finding faults) and most of all about being the non-doer, stepping back and letting the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse step in.  

We had no clue at the time what these two were up to, because we assumed everyone was there with the same genuine intention as ourselves. We were also vulnerable and porous as we were genuinely looking within and in the process of transformation. It is only in hindsight that we can see the subtle games that were being played and how Dallia/Iphigenie and Irene/Joy without any conscience kept using and abusing Sree Maa Shri Ji’s Compassion, Kindness and Trust. The golden rule of stepping back and being the non-doer, they completely ignored.

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