Thursday, 29 November 2018

Joy’s modus operandi: playing the martyr

If there is one thing Joy Kuo does well it is to play the victim. Came across an image that i feel describes what Irene/Joy has displayed to the T in the nearly 6 years that i have known her. Have to admit, i fell for the mask for a long time, but no longer.

Playing the martyr and the victim was and still is her number one game. And her best performance came after she was asked to leave Kosmic Fusion….

Joy Kuo joined Kosmic Fusion end of 2012. She immediately started volunteering after she did the AwaKeNiN TrANsForMaTioN workshop and very soon started taking over the scene, telling others what to do and pointing out other’s mistakes (or what she perceived as their mistake).
This was also the case at the Newcastle expo in August 2013 that was organised by the volunteers themselves, where she would be domineering and push her way irrespective of the efforts or views of others.

i made the mistake of failing to hold my space and heed Sree Maa’s guidance to not form small groups and pulled away from Joy towards another volunteer and played right into Joy’s hands. She used this to play the victim with Clarito, saying that nobody is supporting her. Clarito is a true empath and a gentleman and stepped up to support her. She also claimed her English is not so good to woo Clarito in further and started to manipulate the scene so that she would always end up working together with him, fencing him off from others. She would fill his ears about the others, often pulling the poor me card and always adding in how much she is sacrificing for Kosmic Fusion so that Clarito would be on her side and do her bidding.

She actually had problems with every single one of the other volunteers, but of course it was all their problem, not hers and it was very stressful for poor Joy to have to deal with everyone, but she did it anyway “for the sake of Kosmic Fusion”. This was the story she was telling herself and publicly. Please note, prior to Joy joining the group dynamics were fine, but after she joined it started going downhill fast.

19/09/14, 20:03 - Meera: How are you feeling after last night's call? 💖💖💖
19/09/14, 20:16 - Komal Irene Kuo: Most of the time people have issues with me 😅 Maa said it's competition... had some issues with Elliaa, Siann (even this year mbs Sydney the seminar meditation)  Sheree ...Nat used to have bad attitudes to me... they're okay now. .. but now a little bit with Jabeen. ... 😅 sounds like my problem but not really. ..... maybe they feel I'm threatening to them and react. ...and that affects me. .. but now they know where I'm coming from and know who is the one taking responsibility all the way through
 (Iphigenie was called Meera at that time, Joy was called Komal)

She was always priding herself on her high standard of volunteering and if she corrected others it was only because they would not meet “her high standards”. She was constantly portraying herself to other FiTs as a martyr who was giving up her health (she had high blood pressure), her sleep and time with her son and husband to volunteer for Kosmic Fusion. In reality, she was pursuing her ambition of becoming a famous and wealthy healer – her self-proclaimed example was Marie Forleo - under the guise of a hardworking volunteer and later on devotee. She even made it look like she gave up her job so that she could serve Kosmic Fusion but let us look at the real story here.

She was working at the library at Sydney University. When there was a restructuring, employees could choose to either apply for one of the new jobs available or opt for a retrenchment package (in her case about $50,000). Joy opted for the latter which was her own personal choice, nobody asked her to. All the other volunteers still have a job and happily volunteer in their own time.

You can see a message that she wrote but made Hanuman send to the Sydney FiTs group that clearly illustrates the big martyr’s mask she was wearing. She had fully groomed and brainwashed Clarito/Hanuman by that time so that he had lost sight of what was really going on.

26/10/16, 02:38 - Hanuman: Jai Swaminarayan 🙏 🙏 🙏
Coming together as FIT and we all making history and paving for
Kosmic Fusion and working as One. Wish to clear everything out
before the end of October and be straight forward express my sharing
and feedback on what have been observing of late. As we taking on
more responsibilities and learning as this is our training ground
thus would like to make some awareness to be considerate of other
FITs as we have to think of Kosmic Fusion first.
My observation of Komal, she have always step up and take
responsibilities ever since 2014 when everyone still considering
about volunteering and or have not put their hands up yet like
mySelf,... it was a great training ground and a lots bricks and bats
blessing from SreeMaaShriJi. But through her passion and as she can
be black and white and protective of Kosmic Fusion and being zealous
– and it may come as a bit extremist to others and dislike by
Have witness some of accomplishment Komal have since then and always
try to lead with example and by putting Kosmic Fusion first, even
with the cause of her health. Have witness one time after attending
Kosmic Fusion exhibition event, i have to take her in the hospital
and where she felt dying…. But thanks to SreeMaaShriJi and FITs
sharing of QVSWPP everything went great. There are more occasions i
could share… there are many occasions where there are only few hour
sleep including now, where Kosmic Fusion have to come first even
when Komal’s husband and son who still crave her attention have to
be put aside.
Since early 2015 Komal have hired a marketing consultant specialist
in internet and learn what need to be learned to build a website
template in consideration of Practitioner, Kosmic Fusion, and FITs.
Komal have invested $20K+ and also hired an American marketing
consultant and spend a lot of time and efforts to come up with the
write up and marketing materials in her website and flyers. Have
assisted as I could see the bigger picture and make sure that i
could support Kosmic Fusion by supporting Komal. She pain-stackingly
created her website Holistic Freedom with all the consultant at hand
and work on content line by line. Put a lot of pride in her work and
its content.
(Joy was called Komal at the time)

This also mentions what she had actually done with the retrenchment money, contrary to her claims that she spent it on Kosmic Fusion. She hired an internet consultant for $20k+ and also a marketing expert to help with her own website and marketing efforts. Please have a look at her Holistic Freedom Wellness Centre website, do you see any gratitude or mention of Sree Maa Shri Ji, Kosmic Fusion? A sample of Joy’s social media messages below (click on it to enlarge it). Can you spot Kosmic Fusion or Sree Maa Shri Ji anywhere? Can see a lot of #Komal and #Hanuman but no gratitude or homage to Sree Maa Shri Ji. 

It is also clear that i was sleeping and had my blinkers on because i did not spot any of this at the time. Now it is very obvious, she is passing off and using Sree Maa’s Teachings for her own monetary gain and claim to fame. Interesting detail: notice the big banner of her and Hanuman in the background. Another interesting detail: Joy manipulated one of the 5D++ Pulsars who is a professional photographer and got him to take pictures of her and Hanuman for free in exchange for a few QVSWPP sessions.

Without Sree Maa Shri Ji, we wouldn’t be able to receive the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse. It is Sree Maa Shri Ji’s Supreme Bhakti to and union with Sarvopari Swaminarayan Bhagwan, that we most Graciously receive as the QVSWPP. We were Facilitators in Training not Facilitators at all which Joy claimed herself to be. We were only allowed to practice Akashic Records Neutralising sessions, and still very much learning in every which way as Bhakti is not something you can buy off the shelf. Where is the question of commercializing it offering sessions packages? 

5/10/2016, 5:47 pm - Komal: Normally the energy exchange is $150 per session, but we have 3
sessions package $360, 5 sessions package $500 or if you would like to have long term sessions
such as once every few months etc. Then $88 per session
5/10/2016, 5:48 pm - Komal: You can include you and your mum as one package
5/10/2016, 5:49 pm - Komal: Or you can try one session first. ... which is $120 we offer special for
the first time
5/10/2016, 5:49 pm - Komal: Then you can decide
5/10/2016, 5:49 pm - Polly: Hmm ok
5/10/2016, 5:49 pm - Polly: Thanks for the details Komal
5/10/2016, 5:50 pm - Polly: How do you count me and my mum as one pkg?

It was Joy’s unbridled ambition for money and fame that drove her to approach Pulsars and innocent people for paid sessions. She baits her victims with a free session or a discounted session and then reels them in further by using marketing techniques like above. And isn’t it ironic that the one person who was struggling with money is offering the abundance circle? Doubt there was any love in her heart for the mission of Kosmic Fusion, which is to take the QVSWPP to as many souls as possible. To her it was a business venture she tried to abuse and make money off it.  

This was of course not how she portrayed it. Her favorite sentence was always she was doing it for Kosmic Fusion and Sree Maa Shri Ji. She misused the name of Sree Maa Shri Ji at every opportunity. This is also how she managed to manipulate Clarito/Hanuman and his dedication and devotion to Kosmic Fusion and Sree Maa Shri Ji. She was and is a master at impression management. She would carefully curate her physical appearance, always looking well dressed and with make-up on – you can see her still do the same in her current youtube videos.

She was actually carefully copying Sree Maa’s dressing style, hair style and even the way Sree Maa moves, as if she believed that by copying Sree Maa that way she would become Sree Maa.  She would made it appear to other FiTs that she was very close to Sree Maa Shri Ji and knew what Sree Maa Shri Ji wanted. She also made it appear she had permission for all her business ventures, little did we know this was not the case. 
She would act very soft and nice in front of Sree Maa Shri Ji and in the public view but to the FiTs, especially in Sydney she would act like a bully and a big manipulator.

Joy also displayed double standards. While she was promoting and i quote "Bhakti Bhaav Transmissions" and shamelessly stealing from Kosmic Fusion, she made a big scene when two other FiTS in Sydney printed a Bhakti Bhaav flyer without permission. In fact, she manipulated the whole situation in Sydney setting the other FiTs up and then when the other FiTs reacted she would portray herself as a victim that had to suffer at the hands of the other FiTs who were doing her and Kosmic Fusion wrong (you can read more about it in this blog).
Sharing a sample message of how Joy played the victim at the hands of her fellow FiT, whilst she was the one who was stirring the pot. i was also on the website team and had no problems with Jwala at all.

The Reunion in July 2017 was an opportunity for all of us to truly reflect, honestly look how we had contributed to the failure of the FiT Programme and to sort out any issues amongst us. Joy did nothing of the sorts, she did nothing but blame shifting and pointing fingers, of course in the style she knows best: by playing the victim. This time she was a victim of Clarito/Hanuman, the very person whom she had manipulated and exploited financially, mentally and emotionally for years. Shortly after the Reunion her mask fell off completely. As she was still not willing to be honest and admit to all that she has done, she was kindly asked to leave end of 2017. She did briefly reflect on her actions by the Grace and supreme empathy of beloved Sree Maa who had awakened the voice of conscience in her, but somehow fell back into victim mode big time.

After she left is when she planned her best Oscar material performance till date, because narcissists cannot stand their true face being exposed. They will go to extreme lengths to protect their fake face, and their favourite tactic to do so is: a smear campaign.

She first removed her name from the company and businesses she had set up with Hanuman without informing him, leaving him with all the debts. Debts the company had racked up due to her unbridled ambitions. She then changed all the passwords to the joint email accounts she had with Hanuman.

Her and Iphigenie Amoutzias, another narcissists who was asked to leave Kosmic Fusion, joined hands and started a smear campaign.

They blatantly lied to some cult watch organization and to the two so-called investigative journalists who failed to investigate and were used as flying monkeys in an article to slander the name and character of beloved Sree Maa and Shri Ji, claiming that Kosmic Fusion is a cult. Narcs can act very convincingly mimicking emotions and these two are very good at their game, i was fooled for years. However, the whole article doesn’t hold up to the truth at all. Each one of the FiTs have written extensively about the bias, the many incorrect facts and absolute lies in the paid smear campaign article. This picture captures and sums it up it perfectly what they have done:

Joy is now portraying herself as a person who was completely broken down in a cult and exploited and abused by cult leaders but then miraculously with the help of her loving husband and cult watch people was able to rise and find herself again. Let me check, do the above pictures and anything shared so far in my blog looks like she was beaten down or exploited? Not at all, quite the opposite. This is exactly what narcissists do, they switch everything around and make themselves look like the victim and the real victim like the perpetrator. If there was anyone who was domineering, controlling and after money and power, it was Joy.

It was her who had breached Sree Maa’s trust and stabbed Sree Maa Shri Ji in the back but after her true face came out lo and behold she is telling lies and making it look like the other way around.

Sree Maa had given us a beautiful platform to volunteer, never ever was there any control. Sree Maa always led by example and trained everyone to be a leader themselves, to take responsibility for one’s own actions, work with integrity, honesty and authenticity and move towards embodying one’s highest potential, the Brahmrup. Sree Maa had graced us with and countless beautiful Discourses explaining in English the most precious spiritual teachings from renowned scriptures like the Sreemad Bhagwad Gita, Purans, Vedas and everything Sree Maa has taught was in line with the Vachanamrut, the most respected spiritual scripture in the Swaminarayan Sampraday where the words that Swaminarayan Bhagwan spoke about 200 years ago have been written down, Sree Maa’s isht-Bhagwan. This is studied and followed by MILLIONS of Swaminarayan Satsangis around the world.

Sree Maa is the living embodiment of Grace and Compassion, giving everyone who came a chance to move beyond their small self into their Brahmrup, including Joy and Iphigenie as Sree Maa looks only at one’s Atma and sees Bhagwan sitting within the Atma. Where in the world does even the question of this being a cult come in? Only in the head of a narcissists who projects their wrong-doings onto their victims.

Joy Kuo then started a youtube channel, cleverly making use of a famous singer called Dimash so that she could benefit of people who like his music and would look for it online. She had reinvented herself (read: put on a new mask) as a spiritual adviser with 10 years of experience. She also bought 8000 fake followers for her youtube channel to make it look like she is popular and knows what she is talking about, guess she has learned a few tricks from the internet consultant she hired. She then starts up a FB group called “Awakening with Joy”, adding random people to her group where she is presenting herself as a a spiritual adviser who is helping people to “raise their vibration for a better new earth living”, but in reality is preying on innocent victims as her next narcissistic supply for sympathy, attention and money. If you look at the conditions of this Facebook group, you will see that members are not allowed to share posts offering their services, only Joy can offer hers… Does anyone smell a rat here?

This is a person who has shown no remorse, no empathy and no integrity in all the 6 years that i have known her. Who has lied and back-stabbed her ultimate well-wisher who had welcomed her with open arms and given her every chance. She is after attention, after money and fame. She is a fantastic actress, but if you hang around her long enough, you will see her for who she truly is.

P.S. Sharing this to stand up for the truth because silence is not ok

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Kosmic Fusion - Media trial

My response to a supposedly fun but factually incorrect media show (The Project aired on three in NZ) featuring #KosmicFusion and one of my Kalyan Mitras Ritu Bhargava (on 17 Oct) who had the courage to speak openly about her mental condition and her phenomenal progress by the Grace of Sree Maa. Complete lack of ethics shown again by the media, when what is so sorely needed is the #Truth and Integrity. Forever grateful to beloved #SreeMaa for being the breath of fresh air in this world, bringer of the most benevolent Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse, unconditionally sharing Compassion, Kindness and Grace with all and championing honesty, integrity, authenticity with the highest of ethics. Jai Shree Swaminarayan. Curious to experience a Silent Transmission? My blog about the FiT Programme: Ritu Bhargava (Nandini)'s blog: