Saturday, 2 March 2019

New age movement and the nexus (part 2)

When i saw the following quote about the new age movement, was a little surprised. Did not realize that in the 70s and 80s the new age movement had such close ties with India and its unparalleled wisdom.

"For example in the 1970s, the new age movement was very much related to India. Even in 1982, at a conference in Mumbai about ancient wisdom and modern science, which was organized by the International Transpersonal Association, it was openly acknowledged that the conference was held in India, because India’s wisdom (the concept of Atman) is the consistent background for the new findings of unity underlying the diversity.
At that time, I was very happy thinking that, since now science validates Indian wisdom, the knowledge of all of us being connected surely will trickle down to the common man.
I was wrong. Today, almost 40 years later, India has been completely cut out in Wikipedia’s entry on transpersonal psychology. New age, too, has been disconnected from India. It is revealing how Wikipedia’s piece on transpersonal psychology ends:
“…transpersonal psychology has been criticized by some Christian authors as being a mishmash of New Age ideas that offer an alternative faith system to vulnerable youths who turn their backs on organized religion.”
Those Christian authors are not interested to find out, if there is indeed a transpersonal dimension to our existence, but fear, even more youth could leave the Church if they come to know about it…"

- Maria Writh

Wonder what drove the new age movement away from its relation to India, apart from the arrogance and sense of superiority that white people tend to carry? And how did Christianity sneak into a description of transpersonal psychology on Wikipedia?

Narcissists smear campaign

Pondering a bit on this, it actually doesn’t surprise me when i think about what happened with Kosmic Fusion and the FiT Programme. After the mask of two of the malignant narcissists in the FiT Programme had fallen off and their true destructive intentions had become apparent, they were asked to leave. Narcissists don’t take the truth very well and the narcissistic injury leads them to run a smear campaign. In our case, the smear campaign of Joy Kuo and Iphigenie Amoutzias (as they now call themselves) involved going to some anti-cult organizations and a paid biased article in the media filled with lies slandering the name of Kosmic Fusion and Sree Maa Shri Ji. And it looks like they are still continuing to work hand in glove with the anti-cult movement to spread lies through podcasts and youtube videos. 

Church-media-anticult nexus
You would think this situation could be a one off… but when you do a little research something more sinister appears. Any spiritual minority or movement promoting Santana Dharma (eternal way of righteous living) will encounter opposition from the church-media-anti-cult nexus who work in cahoots to carry out the church’s agenda of keeping people under their dogmatic control.

This is perfectly explained with proofs and evidence in this article, which is well worth a read to open your eyes. Coming back to the above quote by Maria Writh and the fact that somehow Christianity snuck in there... It seems that certain echelons in Christianity have long arms reaching many places and do everything to keep people ignorant and unaware. Indeed, what if people would break away from organized religion and got in touch with their True Soul? Surely this would mean some would lose their power and control… 

Quote from the Bhagvat Gita

What if the mass media would cover the truth of the widespread scandals and abuse of the sickest kind in the Christian and Catholic churches? And why aren’t they bar a few articles here and there?
What i saw the two malignant narcissists do in the FiT Programme was create a lot of smoke and mirrors to deflect from the damage and unethical acts they were doing. Somehow this rings a bell, when i see that the media in NZ went to great lengths to cover a false story about only a very small group of 12 people who received a training of whom only a few actually lived in NZ and they failed to cover what truly matters. Does anyone smell a rat here?

Would like to leave you with the following questions: 

Dare to speak the Truth



  1. The smokes and mirrors created by the narcissists were many that created so much confusion, wedges and toxicity in the group dynamics. The only reason we managed to still thrive is the loving of Grace of Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse graciously showered by Sree Maa Shri Ji and the utmost neutrality and healthy boundaries that Sree Maa maintained . You have raised a very rational point. i definitely smell a rat. Create a deliberate deflection to deviate the attention away from the horrendous acts of the Church that are coming to light in NZ and Australia. Reminds me of the Reunion in July 2017 when Irene/Joy Kuo/Komal/Tzu-ling Kuo kept deflecting on Hanuman so that we wouldn't speak to others who would reveal her horrendous activities and bullish behaviour. Ekta, your blog makes me feel so grateful. Sree Maa opened our eyes in a small FiT programme. What transpired there in the micro is so obvious to spot in the macro.

    1. Absolutely well said Niranjana and wholeheartedly agree. Utmost grateful to Sree Maa for opening up our eyes to the Truth and ceaselessly showering the most benevolent Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse.