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How Narcissists Run in Packs - part 3 Faking it

Written together with my Kalyan Mitras Simran, Tara and Jeeya

Narcissists are present in all walks of life, including in spiritual circles or especially in spiritual circles as there they are bound to find ample narcissistic supply of empathetic and compassionate people. Narcissists are drawn to empaths like moths to a flame. People with NPD are the proverbial wolves in sheep clothing as they hide behind carefully crafted masks while playing their dirty games, so that for an unsuspecting person it is hard to realize who they are dealing with. We are sharing some of our experiences in detail, not in judgement, but to bring awareness. In dealing with the narcissists we have also learnt a lot about ourselves and how they were able to prey on our weaknesses. It is only by the Grace of Sree Maa who kept the group dynamics safe that we are still together and doing well.

In 2015, all FiTs were graced with a phenomenal residential Retreat where Sree Maa showered countless blessings (see the beautiful blogs from our Kalyan Mitra Niranjana for more details) to help us move more firmly into the non-doer and lay the foundation for Bhakti. This was also where Sree Maa graced us with beautiful akarmi deh (non-doer) names, which we were free to take or not. 

Narcissists groom with gifts

At this same Retreat, we discussed how to take the 5D++ AwaKeNiN TrAnsForMaTioN workshop out to more people. Sree Maa had been conducting all the workshops either online or physically till then. We all collectively came to a very effortless ‘Homage format’ after open discussions with Sree Maa. In this format, Sree Maa does not physically show up, but removes the 3D/4D dense obsolete grids remotely. All FiTs had to do was to give a Homage to Sree Maa and Shri Ji.

As a practise run, Niranjana and Jwala were asked to come to the front of the room to present. Both Irene/Joy and Iphigenie didn’t like this at all with their envious nature. Seeing this, Irene/Joy wanted Jwala out even more which she pursued till the end of the FiT Programme as we will relate in this blog series. After the Homage format started, the narcissists went haywire as they now felt, they had even more control as Sree Maa would no longer be showing up physically in the 5D++ AwaKeNiN TrANsForMaTioN workshops.

In mid 2015, Jeeya was given the position to be the intimate assistant of Sree Maa.  When this happened, Irene/Joy started to use Jeeya to get close to Sree Maa, and used the fact that she spoke Mandarin to bond with Jeeya . Jeeya and Irene/Joy were always speaking Mandarin around other FiT which created a sense of distrust and separation from the others.

Despite the fact that Sree Maa is aware of all the narcissist traits and the ill manners that Jeeya has in her, Sree Maa entrusted Jeeya with this position. During that time, there was this conflict going on within the Sydney group and Jeeya was given the chance to give her feedback of the conflict.
At that point in time, Jeeya has been recruited by Irene/Joy as her flying monkey. Irene/Joy has been subtly projecting to Jeeya over the years that she was the victim and Jabeen was a big bully. So Jeeya was unable to stay neutral in her feedback and taken Irene/Joy’s side.

After taking up the position of being the intimate assistant of Sree Maa, Jeeya started to feel superior and thinking that she was better than the other volunteers. She started to enjoy the control and power with the position.  Being a typical narcissist, Jeeya started to think that she knew everything and meddled with the messages from Sree Maa. Jeeya altered the tone of Sree Maa’s messages, at the same time she wanted to look good in front of the volunteers being that fake miss goodie two shoes, all for her personal vanity.

During all this time, Jeeya was giving selective information to the volunteers, she did not maintain transparency thinking that she can filter the information from Sree Maa, so that she will remain as the most important person in Kosmic Fusion.

Irene/Joy who was out for power and money made sure that Jeeya was part of her close connection to give the impression that she too was close to Sree Maa in order to use Sree Maa’s name to abuse and exploit the Australian volunteers. Irene/Joy was making use of Jeeya to get sensitive information about Sree Maa and internal operation of Kosmic Fusion. Jeeya was also trying to boost her own ego and became the ready supply for Irene/Joy. 

Irene/Joy spent time finding out the weaknesses in Jeeya and started to act like a close friend who would groom Jeeya with gifts, to make Jeeya feel special and stroke her ego. Irene/Joy isolated Jeeya from the rest of the FiTs in Sydney to maintain control. She would do the same thing whenever any other FiTs would visit Sydney. And again the pattern occurred when Sree Maa and Shri Ji would visit Sydney. This is a typical strategy used by narcissists to isolate their victims.

After years of investment of time and small gifts to Jeeya, she was being tricked by Irene/Joy into believing that she was her friend and gained her trust.

Irene/Joy was playing the victim again when she shared with Jeeya that she suspected Marlena has stolen her QVSWPP Practitioner notes and tricked Jeeya into sharing the transcriptions that Jeeya had done of the QVSWPP Practitioner Training.

In the email Irene/Joy urgently forwarded to Sree Maa you can see how she accuses Marlena of stealing her notes, which Marlena had not done at all. This is how she would try to discredit others behind their backs to Sree Maa and Shri Ji. She would also gossip about Marlena to other people. Everything was done using the facade of a sincere volunteer who would do anything to serve and protect Kosmic Fusion, but her true motive was very sinister. '

Sree Maa is a true empath and a leader that taught, motivated and trained everyone to be a leader themselves. So much trust was imparted onto each one of us as FiTs and volunteers. Straight from the beginning before the FiT Programme even started Sree Maa invited us as volunteers to share our ideas as equals. Over the years, Sree Maa has tirelessly and beautifully explained in simple English the precious principles of Sanatana Dharma, righteous living. 
The QVSWPP Practitioner Notes were entrusted in the hands of the volunteers. And as explained above, Sree Maa and Shri Ji trusted us to organize and host AwaKeNiN TrANsForMaTioN workshop, where Sree Maa and Shri Ji wouldn't even but physically present but do the work remotely. Same for the Cosmic Meetups and Tribe meetings. Irene/Joy abused this trust, leniency, non-interference and freedom to the max.  

Jeeya was blinded by her own greed that she was unable to see the ill intention that Irene/Joy had for Kosmic Fusion. It was only during the stay in the Ashram House mid 2017 that Jeeya got to witness how Irene/Joy was demeaning the FiTs  in the Ashram House and how she was bullying the FiTs with power and control, shoving FiTs in the Ashram House, pushing blame and stealing credits of the FiTs because she wanted to get into Sree Maa’s good books.

Jeeya was the witness to Irene/Joy’s greed when she took everything (clothings, accessories) that Sree Maa wanted her to share with the rest of the FiTs if it’s unsuitable for her. Irene/Joy ensured she gave reasons to justify herself for claiming everything, she barely left any items for the rest of the FiTs to share and was taking at least 2 big luggages of clothing for herself.

At Akashic Records Master Readers Workshop Phase 2 end of 2015, Sree Maa showed us the potential of the Akashic Records being neutralized through Bhakti. Sree Maa never said a fake devotee would work, but Irene/Joy immediately jumped on it to commercialize and encash on Akashic Records Neutralizing, even though we were only allowed to practise it, see for example her conversation with an unsuspecting Pulsar Polly.

Irene/Joy even gave an interview about Akashic Records Neutralizing behind everyone’s back, only promoting herself and completely edging Sree Maa out without whom there would be no QVSWPP or any Akashic Records Neutralizing.
Dallia/Iphigenie saw Irene/Joy’s website promoting Akashic Records Neutralizing and wanted the same of course.

12/04/16, 12:06 - Meera: hArI OM brAhmn Komal 🙏🏻💗🙏🏻
Could I ask you for advice please. Since a few days I have been working on creating a German website. I am overwhelmed by the templates on wix.i had chosen one I like but it is a blog. And that somehow doesn't seem to work.
Could you please tell which page you have used or could recommend? 🙏🏻🙇🏻🙏🏻
12/04/16, 14:09 - Komal Irene Kuo: hArI OM brAhMAn Meera 🙏💓🙏
It would be the best we have a zoom meeting so you can show me where you are up to... i'm still unpacking and some renovations happening 😅 when would you like to have a call so we'll see what we can do 🙏💓🙏
12/04/16, 14:44 - Meera: Gosh you are too kind 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Only after I had send the text did I remember your move. I do not want to create any trouble for you. I am just planning to create atwo page site offering Akaashik Records neutralising session and one about short description of myself.
12/04/16, 14:45 - Meera: Then I will gradually add more content. But I want to start offering the neutralising session first

In May/June 2016, we were graced with another amazing residential Retreat where Sree Maa spoke in depth about Bhakti and also revealed that it was Sree Maa’s utmost devotion to the main holder of the Shunya Bindu, Bhagwan Swaminarayan, that we receive as the QVSWPP.

Bhakti had only just been introduced, but Irene/Joy and Dallia/Iphigenie were doing their best to pretend what great devotees they were. Dallia/Iphigenie even got a flyer printed for an expo in Christchurch in 2016 which was all about her being a great devotee. She had written the same on her German website. This is around the same time where Irene/Joy gave her secret interview about Akashic Records Neutralizing sessions.

Both of them were trying to fool the other FiTs and Sree Maa and Shri Ji with their display of fake seva and devotion, but you can only fake sincerity and affection for so long, eventually the Truth came out.

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