Sunday, 20 January 2019

Narcissists are pathological liars

We were in a small village in India with shops where they sold beautiful local artisan products. In one of the shops, Iphigenie starts whining she really wants this big orange shawl but doesn’t have any money. She put on a full show including a sad puppy face. Feeling for her at the time, i offered to borrow her the money or even buy her the shawl as a gift and she quickly took it. Later on, i found out Iphigenie had a habit of fleecing money from people all the time and i wasn't the only one whom she had approached in India.

Shortly after the India Pilgrimage in February 2017, Iphigenie had borrowed 1000 dollars from Renu under false pretences. She had made it appear that it was for the Ashram, but that was a lie. Iphigenie used it to pay off personal expenses, such as her car loan. Telling lies and deceiving others is what narcissists do. She had also borrowed a big amount from another FiT whom had made sure this was recorded on paper and witness by a third party. Guess deep down this FiT knew the kind of person she was dealing with.

Interestingly, when i met Iphigenie in Auckland in 2015 and saw her apartment, she was renting in a fancy neighbourhood and she must be paying at least 300 a week for it. Also noticed how all the food items she had were expensive organic items bought from health food stores. She was living a life larger than her income based on relief teaching and as a belly dance teacher due to her own grandiose.

Iphigenie had brought her money problems to Sree Maa shri Ji and Sree Maa Shri Ji being the living embodiment of Grace and Compassion had recommended her to Ritu/Nandini so she could learn how to do hair extensions and work in Nandini’s shop for a steady income. Instead of being grateful and seizing this wonderful opportunity, Iphigenie played dirty games, pitching Nandini’s staff against Nandini and causing discord amongst the staff. No wonder Nandini had to let her go.

Iphigenie’s belly dance business was going nowhere, but she claimed she stopped it so she could dedicate her time and energy more fully to Kosmic Fusion… Hey, where have we heard this before? Right, with Irene/Joy Kuo in Sydney who chose the retrenchment package of about 40,000 dollars instead of a new job when the University where she was working went through a restructuring. She claimed she quit her job so she could dedicate her time more to Kosmic Fusion, but in reality, she was investing this money in her own business called Holistic Freedom Wellness Centre and another sole trader business she had set up with Hanuman. Narcissists have a funny way of twisting everything to suit their story and make themselves look like a victim. But the truth is, Joy was stealing Kosmic Fusion data (personal contacts of people) and copyright for her own benefit.

While Irene was hiring some expensive internet consultant for 20,000 dollars or so, Iphigenie bought some expensive "build your own business package" by Marie Forleo. They are free to do this, of course, but they can’t later on claim they were giving up everything for Kosmic Fusion when they were only doing so for their own interests and business ventures.

For your information, all the other FiTS/volunteers still had and have their full time jobs so they can look after their families and themselves and take responsibility in life.

Iphigenie was also eyeing the money from her father, whom she didn’t like and had even accused of sexually abusing her as a child, but she has no qualms about taking money from him… To me this shows the true character of a person.

The real question is, if Iphigenie felt Sree Maa Shri Ji’s teachings were not resonating with her as she now says, why did she stay in the FiT Programme? And why did she come on the India Pilgrimage when she was struggling with money? There were others who hadn’t come to India due to work commitments or other reasons why they couldn’t make it. We were never forced to do or pay for anything. At the end of each year we were told explicitly to reflect if this path was still for us and write letters only if we wished to stay. Some people have left after they felt the FiT Programme was no longer for them without any judgement or any questions asked. Iphigenie’s claims she was forced to stay are blatant lies. She stayed on as she was on a mission to destroy Kosmic Fusion due to her pathological envy and jealousy. If she can’t have it, nobody can.

She came to the Ashram uninvited through manipulating one of the other FiTs Jeeya and was the one contributing least to the Ashram House rent, yet now claims she has given so much. How? What? When? She was causing harassment in the Ashram and purposefully bullying and gaslighting Jeeya and Rita to create chaos and stop their progress. 
She even had the audacity to bill the Murti of Swaminarayan Bhagwan for the Prasad. While living in the Ashram she purposefully forgets to host Cosmic Meetup in Auckland twice, leaving the ones who had come for the meditation stranded.

The whole time she was the representative of Kosmic Fusion in NZ, people were leaving; from a vibrant community of about 25-30 people, the numbers were reduced to two in New Zealand because of her sick covert games and sowing seeds of doubt. What giving is she talking about? Her claims are completely baseless and an outright lie. Everywhere she has gone she has left a path of destruction and chaos. This is exactly what a covert malignant narcissist does. They lie, cheat, purposefully withhold information and twist the truth.

Sree Maa Shri Ji has been the ONLY ONE giving non-stop, literally 24/7 of her time, energy and effort and all Iphigenie has done is misuse Sree Maa’s Kindness, Compassion and Grace.
i urge anyone not to fall for Iphigenie’s sob stories and story of victimhood. This is not a nice person, this is someone who uses and abuses, slyly, covertly and insidiously. i have witnessed and experienced this myself. And like a narcissist when their true face is out, they don’t take responsibility but instead take revenge and try to smear the other party and project on them the things they have done themselves. 

Because of Sree Maa's super nova empathy and tireless support, even Iphigenie has had her moments where she was able to reflect on her actions but she fell back into playing the victim game. Iphigenie is trying to portray herself as a victim and put labels on Kosmic Fusion and Sree Maa Shri Ji as she is still hellbent on destruction. Do not be deceived by her superficial charm or claims that she is a spiritual person. Do not fall for her lies. Please do your own investigation and read the blogs of my Kalyan Mitras Jeeya and Nandini who were living in NZ and also lived with her in the Ashram House. Feel free to contact me with any question.

i am standing up for the truth as there are too many people being victimised by narcissists in today’s world and silence is not okay. i failed to raise my voice on the FiT Programme due to my own limitations, but will not keep quiet anymore.