Monday, 10 September 2018

Sick with envy part 1

On the spiritual path one may encounter obstacles; antarshatrus (inner enemies) are part of one’s prarabdh (that portion of the sanchit - collection of past life karmas - that influences you in your present incarnation) which will come up as one progresses through one’s karmas and moves closer to the One and Only One. These inner enemies must be defeated in order to move forward on your spiritual path and attain liberation. It’s important to address these as they can be an impediment to your spiritual growth and in the FiT Programme looking at the kusang within, the dark shades within was imperative. Sree Maa lovingly explains this as follows:

The antar-shatru (inner-enemies) include kãm (lust), krodh (anger), lobh (greed), moh (uncontrolled fascination about something), mãn (pride), irshyã (envy or jealousy), mad (arrogance), matsar (vanity), ãshã (an intense hope for someone or sth), trushnã (desire or yearning for things or someone) and ahankãr (self pride).

Any genuine spiritual seeker would work hard to eradicate these inner enemies through honest reflection, introspection and applying thought processes. 
In Vachanamrut 15 Gadhada Madya Prakran (p 470) and 4 Gadhada Pratham Prakran (p 25), Shreeji Maharaj explains beautifully how one can tackle such nature and Sree Maa has always graciously guided and supported us non-stop to move past the small/dark/false self into the True SELF,  BrahmroopBut not all who join spiritual circles are genuine as it became clear.

Dallia/Iphigenie Amoutzias, one of the Facilitators in Training (FiT), was overcome by jealousy and envy, in fact by pathological jealousy and envy. She could not stand that others had something she couldn’t have. She was extremely jealous and envious of Sree Maa Shri Ji. Straight from when she met Sree Maa she was keeping a hawk’s eye on what all Sree Maa had and wanted to have what Sree Maa had. If you look at the criteria of people with NPD, jealousy & envy are one of the 9 key criteria, well explained in this interview with NPD-expert Christine Louis de Cannonville  (see 32:30 minutes). Can highly recommend you listen to it.

She not only wanted what Sree Maa had, but also copied what other FiTs had, the clothes Nandini was wearing, the car Simran had etc.. When narcissists can’t have something, they will destroy it. This was Iphigenie's main obsession and mission, she was hellbent on destruction. So jealous and envious of Sree Maa Shri Ji that once she confided in one of the Bhagats that she could not stand to see Sree Maa Shri Ji’s face. 

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This blog is only intended to openly share about my spiritual journey with Kosmic Fusion and the FiT Programme in particular, where some who joined turned out to be frauds and meddlers. This is not in judgement but in discernment, as i have learned that in my failure to remain aware and discern i have enabled those with vicious agendas and toxic behaviours and this doesn't serve any soul. And unfortunately, narcissists will be drawn to spiritual circles in particular as they can find a huge unsuspecting narcissistic supply of compassionate and empathetic people there. 

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