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Removal of ignorance

Since Sree Maa Shri Ji came into my life early 2012, there have been so many profound experiences and moments, would not be possible to write them all down. i know in my heart of hearts that where i am today in my P.R.O.C.E.S.S of Awakenin Transformation Transcendence is all only because of the Grace, Kindness, Blessing and Shelter of Sree Maa, my beloved Paratpar Guru.

As i am born and raised in Europe in a white atheist household, really didn’t have a clue what Guru meant. There were many things i was completely ignorant about, even simple energy hygiene protocols, but Sree Maa has patiently and lovingly worked with me in a way i could understand, opening me up to true knowledge and a greater understanding of Absolute Truth including the purpose of human life – helping remove layers of agyan and avidya (ignorance). There is nothing more fortunate that a Guru-disciple relationship for any genuine seeker and quite frankly the depth of this i am only just beginning to understand, but energetically have felt it for a longer time.  

Throughout the years, Sree Maa has played the role of my Teacher, my Friend, my Guide, my Philosopher, my Benefactor, my Guru. Complex scriptural knowledge from the ancient scriptures, Sree Maa would explain in simple English with examples and analogies of the ‘modern world’ and a great sense of humour. Any question we had, we could ask. Sree Maa would give us a voice in the volunteering, listening to our inputs. When Sree Maa knew i was struggling financially in Sydney, while we were at the expo in Sydney CBD Sree Maa took me to buy a beautiful skirt. Still have that skirt
😊 Always always, Sree Maa Shri Ji has been available to us.

Sree Maa sees only the potential of the Absolute in everyone, the Atma (True Soul), that which has been created by the Absolute and belongs to the Absolute, Swaminarayan Bhagwan only and accepts all with open arms, no matter their background, culture, religion, the densities or issues they may carry. Truly the glorious living embodiment of Grace, Compassion and Kindness.

How beautifully Sree Maa worked with me so that my Faith in Bhagwan could grow and the bond with Sree Maa could develop. In a letter in 2014 i wrote about it as:
I am forever grateful to Sree Maa and Shree Ji for being the living TRUTH and LOVE and restoring my Faith in LOVE. Their embracing this lost sheep with such GRACE truly shows the Benevolance of GOD.

Sree Maa also guided me in an experiential way to understand that a true Guru, someone who truly cares for your Soul (Atma), points out the obstacles to your Soul’s liberation and fusion with Bhagwan so that you can honestly look at it and let go, be they inner enemies (like lust, greed, jealousy etc.), faulty beliefs, habits or whatever layers of the small/false/dark/ego self.

As i have written before, this took me a little while to accept with love and grace my ego did not like feedback, but now i feel so grateful. It is not through judging others or ourselves that we can shed the layers, but through the gates of honesty and acceptance and taking responsibility we can awaken, transform and transcend beyond the small/false/dark/ego self into our True SELF who is always in seva and surrender to the One and Only One. For further inspiration please also read Vachanamrut Gadhada Madhya 37.4.

Sharing a beautiful post Sree Maa recently shared on Facebook:

In my P.R.O.C.E.S.S (and yes, it is a P.R.O.C.E.S.S, no magic pill here), there have been a number of watershed moments apart from the Awakenin Transformation workshop itself of course. One such moment was the Transcendence in 2013 in Sydney. Transcendence workshop is a profound Blessing with a lot to it, but one aspect is that Sree Maa Shri Ji Graces the ones present with the clearing of entities in the organs. A small description from Sree Maa here:

"Most parasites that feel like negative elements and entities trying to control our the entities in your organs .
We do clear entities in the organs in the TranScEndeNcE Sessions which is by invitation only.
To be honest out of the 16 people who were invited to attend the TranScEndeNcE Initiations -activations and transmissions only a handful have been able to truly step back.
The EGO really is the most malevolent Entity that which appears to be foreign but is the person's who consciousness fragments attacking themselves.

Key point to note is that the basis for Transcendence is stepping back, being the non-doer.
i can best share what happened during the 2 Transcendence workshop days, where some demonic energies sitting in my womb were released, through sharing the testimonial i wrote about it a year later in 2014. 

First of all I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Sree Maa and Shree Ji for all the GRACE and LOVE and Guidance I have received. I can't say this enough!
It was on Wesak 2013, the day before the TrAnScEnDeNcE Workshop, where we were gathered for a special Initiation and at some point while Maa was guiding us through an experiential exercise/meditation my belly began swelling up like I was instantly 9 months pregnant. I remember Maa inviting me to sit with her and to release whatever was in my womb. I still get tears in my eyes when I think about this, there was something extremely humbling to sit so close to Maa on her lap. She helped me breathe like a woman does when she is giving birth, it took a lot of breaths and considerable pushing. Guess there was some resistance within me to let go.
There were 3 dark entities in my womb if I remember correctly. I had an abortion the year before and there was also an energy of a miscarriage and something related to my current child. This is just to illustrate the amazing Grace that has blessed me and this has indeed been one of the most life-changing moments in my life. Without Sree Maa and Shree Ji's assistance I would not have been able to release it. Afterwards I lay down in a corner, while the other pulsars continued with the meditation. Shree Ji put his hand over my head, and I could still feel them there for a long time even though he had moved to another part of the room. The unconditional LOVE I was touched with that day is beyond words. The response of the other Pulsars afterwards was powerful too. They could immediately see the difference. They said something like 'you're back/welcome back'. I felt infinitely lighter and more spacious, like some things that had been draining the light within me had finally been released. 

Sada Aapki Abhaari Rahungi Sree Maa Shri Ji _/\ô__  _/\ô__ _/\ô__

Sree Maa Shri Ji has explained that ultimately Transcendence can be a by-product of Transformation if one genuinely commits to transformation. All too often Transcendence is what spiritual seekers instantly strive for, but without wanting to do the ‘real work’. Forever grateful to Sree Maa Shri Ji for taking me under Sree Maa’s Wing, sharing the Absolute Truth and nothing but the Absolute Truth and holding my hand on this pathless path.

Would like to conclude with a beautiful chant played during the May/June 2015 Kawai Pura Pura Retreat in New Zealand, where i received the silent Guru mantra during the magnificent Transcendence Workshop there, humbly taking Sree Maa officially as my Guru but will write about this in another blog.

"Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo  Maheshwaraha  Guru Saakshat ParaBrahma Tasma
ya Shri Guruve Namaha." 
Meaning Guru is verily the representative of Brahma, Vishnu ,Shiv. He creates, sustains Knowledge and destroy the weeds of Ignorance. I salute such a Guru.

P.S. This blog is intended to openly share my experience of my blessed spiritual journey with Kosmic Fusion that it may inspire others. My apologies it is not in sequential order, jumping back and forth in years, but as the reflections come to me currently in hindsight.

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