Saturday, 19 October 2019

Utopian oneness

Love and oneness - sounds beautiful doesn’t it? i was a believer in a utopian oneness, the kind of ‘one love, one light, one happy world’. It is a belief that circulates a lot in new age circles. When i joined the FiT Programme, this belief came with me.

i saw everyone through this lens and believed that all the other people who joined the FiT Programme came with the same genuine intention. But i was wrong. There is no one universal path and one universal way as on this planet everyone is different, the gradation of souls is different. Yet i kept believing in this oneness and not adequately reflecting on the precious teachings Sree Maa was giving. 

At the start of the Retreat in 2016, Sree Maa told us about the Samudra Manthan in which there were devas (heavenly beings) and danavas (demonic beings), but i never looked if there were possibly any danavas sitting in our group…

As it turned out there were. Some of ones who joined the FiT Programme came with devious hidden intentions of stealing and destruction and sadly they never changed, though they were given the most gracious opportunity to do so. For a very long time i was completely oblivious to this and trusted each one completely.

All this while i was wearing these rose coloured glasses and kept believing in this oneness, which gave the toxic people the opportunity to manipulate me and use me. They would steal credit, would marginalize and minimize me, would come up with excuses to make me all do the work and i didn’t mind as i thought we are doing this as one team for the mission of Kosmic Fusion.

Because of my trusting nature and false beliefs, i failed to clue on to what was really going on and did not realize that people are not exactly what they show. Some of the toxic ones were subtly spreading their poison in the group, creating disharmony and driving people away.

Sree Maa was enduring a lot of harassment at the hands of the toxic ones in the Ashram and i only woke up to this once their masks were literally falling off as i was living in some lala land. 

Never asked the right questions or joined the dots even though there were moments and clues where i could have woken up and smelled the coffee. This is not about judging others but coming from clarity and discernment is important.  

It is my own nature that made me fail to see clearly and take action when some of the people were damaging the mission of Kosmic Fusion. When we cling to false beliefs it can be very damaging. 

Oneness at the level of the world is impossible. Oneness at the level of Atma, True Self is another matter. The potential of the Absolute is present in each one. In the 2015 Retreat we had experienced such priceless fusion and love through the most Gracious initiations bestowed by Sree Maa Shri Ji which i will humbly write about in another blog.

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