Friday, 27 July 2018

Why this blog?

Why this blog?

Thank you for coming to this blog, which is my personal sharing of what happened to us – a small group of volunteers who were part of a most precious FiT Programme. i am not a psychologist but have done extensive research into narcissism after what happened to try to understand and learn.

This includes learning about my own weaknesses and oblivion that gave the covert manipulators such a platform; for the longest time i had no idea what these toxic people were up to and how they were using all of us as a supply.

What i am sharing is my personal experience and analysis of what happened. The toxicity some of the people in the group displayed is of such a concern that through this sharing i hope to make others aware.

The ones with toxic agendas had been telling our mentor Sree Maa Shri Ji since 2013 Oct as well as the rest of us that they want to serve, they really want to take the work of Kosmic Fusion to the world. i took their words at face value and trusted them.

As it turned out, instead of serving they were operating under the radar pursuing their own selfish and destructive agendas. Yet there were given many chances to transform. Key part of the FiT Programme was looking at the shades of the small self, to be able to awaken, transform and transcend the small self, embody the Self to finally attain the Brahmroop (SELF).

Sree Maa was showing so much Grace and Compassion to help them look at the shades they were holding and making them see how they were completely out of touch with reality. Unfortunately, these toxic people continued to play games.

If Sree Maa Shri Ji wouldn’t have stopped them, they would have actually been working with the people in the world by using the platform of Kosmic Fusion. When a place was reached where it was absolutely not okay for Sree Maa Shri Ji to have them use the platform of Kosmic Fusion, they were removed. 

Typical of narcissists, they colluded to run a smear campaign to slander Sree Maa Shri Ji and Kosmic Fusion in the media.

Today they are out there and based on the patterns we have seen they are going to get other people. Now it is the responsibility of others to do their homework before interacting with them, because their track record doesn’t look very promising. However, we wish them all the best and we wish they’d change.

Throughout this blog i refer to certain admittance these toxic people have given about their behaviour and motives. It is the utmost Grace of Shreeji Maharaj and the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse that we even succeeded to this extent for them to speak the truth. 

To actually make a narcissist speak the truth is impossible. So, the kind of information we’ve got through them is quite something. Because they were very sure Sree Maa Shri Ji is so compassionate and because it was happening in a safe space, they were just letting it all out. Of course, as narcissists do nothing without an agenda, it was with an agenda to be absorbed back into the group again. 

Based on their behaviour after they left, it doesn’t look like they were really wanting to change. The proof is the paid revenge article they published, which is a complete sham and lie. 

Irene/Komal changed her name to Joy and is now shamelessly calling herself a spiritual healer whereas she hasn’t done the work on herself. Iphigenie Amoutzias/Dallia/Meera has moved to Europe, changed her name to Malana Taresi and claims to be a flower essence healer. 

You draw your own conclusion about what their moves mean. Forwarned is forarmed…

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