Saturday, 18 May 2019

A narcissist's malicious web of lies

Anyone who knows a little bit about narcissism knows that narcissists are pathological liars. Below image sums up well why they lie and that they don't feel bad about it either.

Will share about one such lie that was part of a smear campaign by a narcissist after she was asked to leave due to her highly destructive behaviour for many years. Iphigenie Amoutzias, now going under the name Malana Taresi doing some flower essences in Germany, has claimed in media interviews and podcasts she was surprised the FiT Programme turned “all Hindu” in 2016.

All this is just a ploy on the part of a malignant narcissist to spread lies and confusion, make herself look innocent and the other party look questionable. They are cunning and clever but cannot stand in front of the facts, in front of the Truth.

First of all, before Iphigenie came to Kosmic Fusion, she was a Buddhist for 20 years (!). She talked about how she had been a Buddhist leader who guided others, so in that case her knowledge about Buddhism must have been pretty solid. She must have known about the concepts of karma, reincarnation and that Buddhism has its origins in Hinduism, or a more correct word for this is Sanatana Dharma, the eternal way of righteous living.

None of us were ever surprised that the FiT Programme was based on Sanatana Dharma because Sree Maa has always been very transparent. Straight away Sree Maa has spoken about being the non-doer and used the word akarmi. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that is a Sanskrit word…

In the FiT Programme trial intake in 2013 it was most clear this was about Sanatana Dharma, as Sree Maa spoke about chakras, karma, dharma, the atma, reincarnation, the small self (jivatma), the true SELF (Brahmn) and many other concepts from Sanatana Dharma and mentioned Sanatana Dharma itself. In facebook posts and messages shared with all FiTs in 2013 Sree Maa wrote at the end OM Sai Brahman. We were introduced to the greeting Hari OM Brahmn in 2014, silent Guru mantra was given in 2015, well before that she was graced with a new name Meera to support her in her spiritual journey, which is the name of a great devotee of Lord Krishna. Think the picture is crystal clear here. She is lying through her teeth that things all of a sudden turned Hindu. Sanatana Dharma always was the very basis.

Then the other question is. If she had such trouble with it like she is now claiming, why did she stay? Everyone was always free to leave. In fact, there are some who left as they felt the FiT Training was no longer resonating with them, no judgement, no questions asked. And why did she come on a trip to India to visit temples as late as 2017 when this too was completely optional, some of the group didn’t come.

Nothing was ever co-erced. Before each initiation we were given the choice, at the end of each year we were encouraged to reflect to see if this was still our path. But then after she was asked to leave the FiT Programme and Kosmic Fusion mid 2017 due to her highly unethical and malignant behaviour that had come to light, she runs to the media to take revenge and goes around saying it all turned Hindu.

It is clear this is just a question of sour grapes and most of all she is trying to slander and malign the reputation of Kosmic Fusion to keep other people away from Kosmic Fusion. While in the FiT Programme she was trying to veer others off course and get them out (see this blog) as her mission in her own words was to destroy Kosmic Fusion. After she got found out and left, she is still trying to do the same, as summed up aptly in the below image:

Sharing this to stand up for the truth and to raise awareness about narcissism so that innocent people don't fall victim to these wolves in sheep clothing. See also my answer to a Quora question regarding malignant narcissists.

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