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Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me

6,5 years ago, a mum from a mother’s group i had just joined handed me a brochure from Kosmic Fusion. Did not quite understand what the brochure said but the words KOSMIC FUSION resonated with me and the brochure, which had the below beautiful photo of Sree Maa Shri Ji in it, seemed to be pulsing. Even when i had put it away in a drawer, it seemed to be ‘talking’ to me. So i signed up. Now i know that me showing up at that workshop is all the Grace of Bhagwan, Sree Maa Shri Ji. Little did i know this would be the most life-changing workshop i would ever attend. Had only just moved with my daughter to a completely different side of Sydney which was also a complete Divine intervention, to be able to find a place when you are a single parent on a pension but won’t go into these details.

Had been on some spiritual path, searching for alleviation of the suffering i was experiencing, looking for True Love. Had been reading many new age types of books, done some workshops but nothing ever felt like this was IT. Truth still eluded me and True Love was only a hope in my heart. From ‘healing with dolphin & angels’ to ‘I am a Lightworker or Goddess’ to ‘Reiki’ to ‘everything is an illusion’, had pretty much dipped my toes into the whole spectrum of the new age smorgasbord. Most of this is either delusional, steeped in spiritual bypassing, high on grandiose or drunk on ego doership and does nothing for your Soul but adding to the veils and karmic entanglements.

Then i joined the Awakenin Transformation workshop. This.Changed.Everything.
Sree Maa removed the dense obsolete 3D/4D grids (read: lots of layers of dirt and darkness), awakened my true Soul and graced us with a 24/7 connection to the most benevolent, All-knowing, All-powerful Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse, Supreme Signature of the Shunya Bindu, Mother of all Energies, Frequencies and Vibrations, the soundless sound, the lightless light, the formless Form. Sree Maa came and found me, lifted me up and showed me there is a way out of the entanglement in Maya and Kaal, out of this seemingly endless Ferris wheel or reincarnation, revealing a supersonic shortcut Home.

Just to illustrate the amazing Grace that had been showered in a tangible way. It is after the Awakenin Transformation workshop and being taken under Sree Maa’s Gracious Wing that something i had fought with since i was about 16 years of age, an eating disorder that had dominated my life and my thoughts so much, just dissolved like that. Such is the power of Supreme Grace.

This supersonic shortcut is the path of Bhakti, of complete surrender to the One and Only One and Sree Maa has graciously and tirelessly lead this meritless soul step by step to this ultimate pathless Path. How beautifully and patiently Sree Maa has worked with someone like me, who had no clue about Sanatana Dharma, grew up in an atheist household in the West (though always believed in God/Divinity) and was indulging big time in spiritual bypassing. This truly shows the benevolence of God and the unconditional Love and Grace Sree Maa Shri Ji are.

Throughout the FiT Programme, the Teachings progressed and unfolded in an amazing way. Will share more about this in following blogs though have to admit, Sree Maa’s Teachings of Absolute Truth and the way the FiT Programme unfolded and the countless Blessings and constant Grace, Compassion and Love showered display such Greatness and Glory, i can only grasp it to a small degree and rest in complete awe. Sree Maa was always explaining everything in a way we could understand and preempting further revelations and deepening of the Teachings beautifully. i really have no words for it and tears well up in my eyes when i think about the Magnanimity of Sree Maa who has been selflessly and tirelessly guiding a group of volunteers onto the pathless path. Infinitely blessed and grateful as one of my fellow FiT/Kalyan Mitras beautifully puts it.

After the Awakenin Transformation workshop in Feb 2012, the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse wasn’t revealed until a little later in the QVSWPP Practitioner where we got to experience the grandeur of the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse. We simply had to step back and let the QVSWPP step in and everything would happen, the most miraculous spontaneous healings which were the by-product.

It was so grand my peanut size brain had trouble comprehending the absolute Grandeur of the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse. Initially the healer’s ego still played up thinking i had to do something. No. Please step back. Be the non-doer. The Supreme Almighty, the Supreme All-Doer in whose one hair follicle alone reside millions of universes, has it under control, thank you very much.  IT knows what is needed. Eventually, i got it. How beautiful and such a relief we can let go and Let God.

Let me share with you some excerpts from a document Sree Maa Shri Ji shared in September 2012 that explained what happens in a QVSWPP session, which we have witnessed and experience time and again. Sree Maa patiently through logic and rationale worked with my white ass mentality and graced us with endless experiences of the Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence of the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse in the QVSWPP Practitioner Trainings and all other workshops and sessions.  Please also read Niranjana’s testimonial of the QVSWPP which explains it beautifully.

Sree Maa Shri Ji has given us everything on the platter straight up! This Ultimate Grace from the Ultimate Benefactor, the Causeless Mercy, Grace and Compassion that guides the Soul where it belongs: back to Bhagwan. The GPS inbuilt to make sure the package (Atma) gets delivered. What more could anyone want or need? Effortless soul upgrade, healing and upliftment. What would take yogis and spiritual aspirants many years sometimes lifetimes to master, with the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse becomes an effortless practice and experience. If this is not the Absolute Glory and Benevolence of Bhagwan then what is?

Just to illustrate the above, sharing an excerpt of what Sree Maa Shri Ji shared with us in May 2014.
KOSMIC FUSION is the fusion of all. Can't be picky here or selective .
Got to bound all the non - self that strengthens the self but both are not even important for the SELF but in order for the SELF to be realized Self (the practise of non-doer is very important)
That is why to make the P.R.O.C.E.S.S easy for each one of you your dense 3D- 4D Obsolete Grids are removed and strands of Kosmic SELF are infused as 5D++ Scalar Wave Photon Pulse Grids that activate each chakra to become 1 great Quantum Vortex.
You guys have no idea what you have received. Simply not even remotely aware of how much GRACE has been showered...
GRATITUDE towards GRACE working mysteriously 24/7 is the key to eventually overcome the self / non - self/ Self Obsolete signatures created by the Individual incarnational soul on various time - lines.
After which comes the attitude of De-vot-'ion' the thread that builds the Anthakarana(Akaashic Highway to VOID) where all the Signatures - blueprints /aspects of the creator - Source drama gets annihilated fully as a De-vot-ee (The act of dee - voting means voting one final time to strip off the Source - Creator- Consciousness of the power of Free will)

Later on, in 2016 as the FiT Programme was progressing, Sree Maa explained that the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse is the Swaminarayan Mahamantra. To get a glimpse of It’s Benevolence and Glory please read:

It is Sree Maa’s paramekantik Bhakti (Supreme Devotion) to Bhagwan Swaminarayan that we receive as the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse, unconditionally and boundlessly shared with all.
There are really no words to express my gratitude to Sree Maa Shri Ji for gracing us with the Swaminarayan Mahamantra, for embracing this lost sheep, introducing me to Avatar na Avatari, Sarvopari Shree Hari and guiding me so patiently and lovingly onto the pathless path.
Immersed in the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse always feel calmer, neutral and uplifted, moving beyond the small self and it’s 3 bodies and endless mind chatter, melting into an ocean of Love, often it is like someone has switched on the light, so bright, feelings of Oneness, of Wholeness, a sense of all is perfect, everything is taken care of, a sense of perfect peace and stillness.

As Sree Maa summed it up graciously in a comment to a post on Facebook:

Silence pulsates on the same tune with universal consciousness (Spirit)

This has already been given to all the Pulsars and they can access this 24/7 as Quantum Vortex Energy
– Sree Maa

Jai Shree Swaminarayan

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